I’m a stylist who, after 20 years in the industry, has focused my business model on creating a unique salon experience. The value of what I do is in what happens after you leave my chair, when you style your hair (or don’t) at home, and how you feel about it when I’m not there. I spend quality time helping you learn tricks to make it easier, get to understand your hair’s needs and find more creative ways to “do you”.

I’m very passionate about texture, and managing it. I’m certified in the Rezo Cut discipline, but use many different techniques to design curly cuts and to help my clients learn to manage their texture in healthy ways that always promote confidence and self love. Color is also a specialty of mine, in particular modern placements and applications that encourage you to have fun with your looks.

My salon is a private studio built to welcome everyone, and to make every client feel like a VIP. If there is anything specific that would make your visit more perfect, just let me know and I’ll always do my best to make it happen. I use all cruelty free products. My services will never be gendered. My salon is a safe space that strives to empower you, free your creative self and allow you to use your appointment time in whatever way makes you feel good.

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